My Logo


In the last few months you may have noticed my logo changing from a different one. This eye, cross and pocket watch without numbers is my new permanent logo. It was hand drawn by my sister. I asked her to have these 3 symbols for my logo and it took her months to produce it. Here is what the 3 symbols mean for me:

Cross: Jesus who guides me in my life daily and has blessed me in more ways than I deserve; I give my life, and all that I have to Him (no I am not a 1 hour Christian nor will I force my beliefs onto you as I hate when it’s done to me)

Eye: Window to our soul which opens us to create new beliefs about ourselves to enhance our lives so we can see more clear in this world

Pocket Watch: No numbers are needed as there is no time or limit to what you can achieve when using the power of your own mind to change and there is no time like the present to get started on a road to the life you deserve

Tying all these three to form one logo that represents who I am and those I help. Healing truly comes from within using the mind, body and spirit. Take away one of these aspects and there is no way to experience the deepest satisfaction life has to offer. For me I am continuously growing while helping others in life. Imagine how much healing you can achieve using hypnotherapy.

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