Sleep a Need or not?

We have all been told we need 8hrs of sleep minimum to function on a daily basis. Whether or not we actually get 8hrs of rested sleep a night is a different story. Between kids, pets, work, and life in general it can be hard to accomplish this task. It is so simple to do yet is hard for over 60 million Americans to do. What makes sleep a vital need? Why do we spend over 50% of our daily lives asleep? What benefits can rested quality sleep provide? What does sleep have to do with hypnosis?

Sleep is vital. Why? 50% of our lives slept away?

Sleep allows us to recharge our minds, and our body along with its many systems. We can go longer without food and water than we can without sleep. Studies have proven that lack of sleep can lead to death sooner. It can cause a lot of emotional, and mental harm that for some can be short term effects. I look at sleep as a computer being charged for our brain and overall systems. Our computers need to be shut down and charged not long time to function better at times. The computer also has to have virus scans, disk clean ups done, etc. Our brains do all this that a computer does while we sleep during 8hrs. If we get less than 8hrs of sleep you can never get that lost time back. It leads to poor health, overall poor functioning and worst it leads to breakdowns in relationships, lost time at work, etc. That 8hrs allows the brain’s clean up crew to come in with wishful thinking, predict what the next day will be like and finally¬†vent out the day’s activities. It takes our bodies the full 8hrs to achieve all this. Lack of sleep or medications to sleep can make it harder for the body and brain to function together the way it should in the most efficient way possible.

-Benefits of rested quality sleep?

allows the noises, actions, etc of the day around us to be vented in our dreams so we no longer remember it or so we keep only what happened to us within the day in our long term memory

Less irritability with others, function at work and life better, interact with others better, better relationships, improve overall health and wellness, improve our lifespan, weight loss, make better decisions, allow our bodies to have natural hypnosis take place

Sleep and hypnosis? Really?

In order to sleep at night we must pass through the state of hypnosis. This is the very definition of hypnosis: between awake and sleep

With hypnosis many people have found the need for sleep medications decreases with the help other their doctor and hypnotherapist. The body can get a reset on how to function without the medications or alternatives once used to sleep. There are other ways to help make sure you do sleep in the mean time.

Suggestions are listed below:

shutting off all electronics 2hrs prior to bed; keep the room you sleep in at a good temp for you so you don’t get too hot or too cold; go to sleep before 10pm everyday and wake up 8hrs from that time; avoid caffeine or limit to no more than 3 cups of coffee/caffeinated products in 1 day all; if you do have caffeine stop drinking it prior to 3pm so you can fall asleep at night; eat a heftier meal at bedtime so you don’t drop your blood sugar while sleeping and you can sleep without waking for food

There is more that can be done to help you sleep at night than what I listed. Hypnosis is one of tools to use to restore your body back to it’s full potential. Working with your doctor and hypnotherapist is one of the best ways to save your life and relationships with others. Find out how I can help you by scheduling today at:

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