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Where do you want to go in life? Many of us including myself thought that hypnosis was simply one 60 min session and done. Problem solved. It truly depends on the person, life variabilities given, and how long the issue we have has been carried around with us. I like to think of how many sessions are needed in terms of releasing weight.

Everyone you have ever met, talked to, or haven’t yet talked to has had at some point in there life had an issue releasing extra weight. Some stay motivated to do it on there own to keep the weight off. Some turn to the multi-billion dollar companies for help only to fail long term. Most promise fast results that never do last. The rest of the population just move onto to accept this is the way they are and can’t change. There is nothing wrong with any of the options given to people as we are unique and no person is the same. Genetically it’s not possible even with identical twins as they don’t even have the same thumbprint. Which is why there are many options given to treat the same issue.

Knowing this when it does come to your health and amount of sessions to meet your goals really depends on you and how willing you are to work with me to take in the positive suggestions. About 40% of the entire world has the motivation to keep going, keep pushing through without very little or any help. There is nothing wrong with wanting help to make your life better. You are worth more than you know. I know it takes for sure 3 sessions minimum to notice changes in your daily life. Noticing and accepting the positive suggestions given and using them. I also will notice during a session if you abreact, which is your (subconscious) brain’s way of saying nope, not interested in this. This helps me alert you exactly where the root of the issue is for you. Which helps me further plan out what treatment would work best for you.

My goal is to help you learn to do self hypnosis between sessions to achieve results you want. Working with your mind and body to be better than you are now. If you want more than 3 sessions we can do that. Or if you want to do just the one and be done that’s your choice too. Your subconscious accepts whatever you tell it. So if you keep telling yourself that hypnosis won’t work for your problem it won’t. If you keep telling yourself that yes, hypnosis can help and I am done playing these games with my subconscious then hypnosis will work for you. Either way what you believe becomes right even if it’s not truly what you want internally. Your subconscious only works based on what you have ever felt, experienced, sensed, tasted, smelled, touched, etc. Your subconscious does not understand that daily you have been hypnotized while driving or shopping, at doctor offices, etc. Our brains (subconscious) accept our daily routines as a known, so it’s no longer “scary” or an “unknown” to us. So when you are fighting with yourself to have a session it’s normal as your brain (subconsciously) hasn’t experienced a guided personal session which says this is unknown, danger when in fact it’s not danger at all. It’s truly something you haven’t experienced. Once you do have a guided hypnosis session with me. You may be like the other millions of people wondering where has the deep sense of relaxation been all my life. https://HealingForTheSoul.as.me/

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