Why hire me?

I know you’re wondering why would I want to have a hypnotherapist. How could a hypnotherapist help me? What makes Robin, any different than my doctors, specialists, and other support in my life?

The best way I can answer is this:

I have years of my own personal issues I have survived through. I had 16 years of traditional therapy to treat one issue to which never resolved until hypnosis. I am using my own life experiences to help others in a positive light. This way others avoid similar issues or can get help to move past them. Using my own life experiences combined with hypnosis gives me the compassion, empathy, and unbiased ways to help you. Yes, I do believe strongly in God. Out of my own ethics, values and morals I do help others to the best of my abilities. I won’t be pushy when it comes to my beliefs on God. I don’t like when others push theirs onto me. I believe respect is a two way street. When it comes to taking charge of your health their are so many options. I want my clients to be aware of all the alternatives for their health. This is why despite being in college I am upfront, honest with knowledge I do have on various subjects in hypnotherapy and life.

Long story short is I am different in a way that makes me unique. Just like you are unique in life. My goal is to help you gain the life you deserve. Long as you are willing to work with me to do what is needed to get your goals met I can help. Whether that goal is to boost moods, learn to control addictions or get motivation we come up with a plan together to work on for you. When considering a hypnotherapist whoever you do choose make sure it’s someone who doesn’t list you just as another check on the list. I know you’re more than a mark to check on a checklist. You are unique and there is no one else is just like you.