What can I use hypnosis for?

This is a question I do get a lot. Hypnosis can be used for so many things that it’s easier to list the things that can’t be treated with it. That is how long the list of possibilities goes when it comes to what it can treat. After all it’s simply using your mind to get your goals met. What do I mean? It can take years of therapy with a psych doctor or therapist to help with depression or similar. Still be depressed and be on medications after years of therapy and feel like your not truly getting the issues dealt with. In my case I have been in this cycle of therapy for years with medications. 16 yrs to be exact of this same cycle of not being treated as a whole person just the symptoms. Now until I actually learn to deal with stress in life, or the roller coaster I am on at times I can take all the medications those doctors give me until I am so numb, so over drugged I can’t function normal. Which at one point this was the case I also dealt with being treated based on my symptoms not as a whole person. My point is this August 2018 when I learned about hypnosis and started using it my “need” for traditional therapy isn’t there. I learned the way I was seeking all these years. How to become my own source of healing as a whole person not just my symptoms.

That’s not to say to stop using your medications or stop traditional therapy either. I quit being the guinea pig and stood up for myself in 2011. I wanted to be treated as a whole person. I wanted to have the life God set for me by being the best I can. I now look back on what is causing the stress for example and what can I do about it. What is the best way to help me so I remember ok this works for this issue and this doesn’t work for this one. Which resulted now with using HempWorx and my Young Living Oils only 2 doctor prescribed medications to which none are psych meds starting this year for only 2 medications.