Suggestibility what is that?

From the time we’re conceived to the time we are six years old our learning of the world comes from the primary caregiver. From six years old to nine years old we have our friends, teachers, and others in our environment to help guide us on this learning path. From ages nine to fourteen years old the secondary caretaker begins to influence how we learn even more.

I am going to focus on the basic right now for the conception to six years old group. For example the way I grew up was what my mom said and did were the same thing. When my mom said she had to work that meant she had to work and she left to go to work. This is a direct literal way of understanding which in turn I became physical suggestible. For me I can listen to an online hypnosis app and I maybe able to get some benefits but not as much as seeing a hypnotherapist for my issue. The physical protects their emotions by projecting out in a more physical way.

An example of how some grow up opposite of what I did their caregiver may say one thing and do the opposite. Caregiver may say I am going to work and then not really go to work that same day. The caregiver goes elsewhere or does something opposite of what they were going to do. So their child would see this and look for the hidden meaning of this which creates an emotional suggestibility. The emotional type of person can benefit the most from a hypnotherapist vs an online hypnotic app. The emotional protects their physical body by showing their emotions first.

There is nothing right or wrong about your type of suggestibility. It allows me to better assist you on your journey of self-empowerment. When you have your first session with me I can test your suggestibility to know which tools in my tool box will work best for you. This is another way having a hypnotherapist is much better than finding an online hypnotic source to listen to it. Custom made sessions for you to achieve better results the first time and beyond.