Seeing God through hypnosis

A lot of people ask me questions about God and how hypnosis has anything to do with Him. Put it this way, all the times in my life I should’ve died, should’ve been in trouble, should’ve had something worse happen to me than what did occur, should’ve been homeless, etc those are the times looking back where I can “see” very strongly evidence of God working to keep me safe. This doesn’t happen for everyone I know as we all make choices daily that either bring us closer or farther from Him. Some people get so busy they forget that on Earth we are not alone no matter how cold, heartless some people maybe towards us. That is where God does help us.

When I went for my initial training for hypnosis in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had no family, no one I knew, etc going with me. I went all “alone”. God was the only one there watching me. He sent me an angel who I met on the plane as I got off and gave me some advice while I was in Vegas which was don’t trust everyone I meet. To watch myself and be careful overall by not playing too many gambling games. All smart advice for me to use on my 1st trip there. Anyway this man helped me find where to go for baggage claim and I turned to thank him he handed me $20 and disappeared into the crowd before I got a chance to thank him. That was God sending me an angel knowing I didn’t have enough money to eat when in Vegas. He also used this man to give me smart advice I needed when I didn’t know what to expect in Vegas.

I grew closer to God during my trip not just because of the angel He sent me. During this training somethings were brought up which I am glad I have knowledge of the Bible. There was talk about tarot cards and similar. God clearly states in the Bible NO divination. This I brought up and was told leave God out of it and same for hypnosis. I argued with my knowledge I have as I refuse to go down that path away from God again. I have been down that path away from God using Wicca, tarot cards, etc. That was when my life was at an all time low and I was 15yrs old. So this path I am not willing to ever go back down again period.

Knowing what I know now today I am glad I was tested in Vegas and even though things didn’t work the way I thought they would, God knew better. He had better plans for me. I can’t leave God out of my hypnosis business as He is the one I feel guiding me while I do hypnosis on others including myself. Do I get tempted to put suggestions to believe in God in non-believers? I do yes get that want for others. However I also know that part of loving God is respecting His free will He gave to us all. We either believe or don’t and that isn’t my job to make anyone during this state of suggestibility to make them believe just because I do. That would be unethical on my part as a hypnotist.

When it comes to God and “seeing” Him with my hypnosis now you have a little bit of background on my stance of where I am coming from. I do run my business as a Christian based which means I follow the Bible to best of my knowledge and ability besides what I have learned from the college. No judgement I can pass as the same judgement I use God also uses with me. Therefore when it comes to past life regression or similar where I don’t necessarily believe in that I still will help. Why? It’s not my job to judge your beliefs and I truly want to help others with my knowledge of hypnosis.