What does a hypnosis session feel like?

It feels like a very deep sense of calmness and or relaxation. There are changes that occur in your body nightly to allow you to sleep. With a guided hypnosis session the same or similar changes take place. You may feel your heart rate slows down, your breathing is better (due to taking in more oxygen from the abdomen versus the taught breathing with shoulders going up), tingling sensations in your limbs, dry mouth, dry lips, and overall feeling very calm or relaxed while still hearing the sounds around you during a session. What you may feel the 1st time may not happen the next time. The more you have a guided session the easier it is to go back to the state of hypnosis quicker, faster and deeper. Which this helps get more accomplished in the sessions. It truly feels a amazing to have a session done that is tailored to you versus online where it’s for anyone and some suggestions work and some may not. Also you are in charge of what you want the positive suggestions to be. This all helps make the hypnosis session more comfortable.