Tale of few myths

Is hypnosis witchcraft, the devil’s work, etc?

The answer is no. Hypnosis isn’t mind control. It is impossible to gain full control over someone else in any hypnosis session. Just like any medical doctor can be bad during their practice the same goes for a hypnotist. It all depends on who you have treating your issues. That being said on a daily basis we are being hypnotized already with music alone. God said numerous times in the Holy Bible to guard our thoughts. The power of Life and Death is in the tongue is one of many verses telling us to watch what we say and to guard our thoughts.

Will I die under hypnosis session?

The answer is hypnosis is very safe and effective to treat many conditions. It’s a normal process we all have to go through in order to sleep. I have no idea when God will take you home. Which means I can’t predicate when you will die. This is still a great question to debunk this myth as it lets people know that many have hypnosis sessions and are still alive.

Can you have me go back to a certain age?

No. I won’t do age regression. The reason why is our memory is constantly deleting, distorting, and interpreting things we experienced throughout the day. This can lead to incorrect memories when brought back to any age. Hence why I won’t do age regression.

Is hypnosis the same as brain washing?

No it’s not. Hypnosis is a natural state we all experience daily. Its the state between awake and sleep. Brain washing takes years of conditioning the brain into doing what you want the person to do. This breaks down their subconscious which affects their belief system. Brain washing is something else that has nothing to do with hypnosis or the practice of hypnotism.

Is hypnosis mind control?

No. Using the power of suggestion which we all experience in our everyday environment empowers us to have more control over our subconscious mind. When raising awareness of our mind comes huge control over our lives. Just in my short time using hypnosis I have been able to control my aniexty better. This gives me greater control to live the life God has for me.

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