Introducing: Healing For The Soul

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My name is Robin Stoltman. I am a hypnotist, a mom, owner of few home based businesses which 2 of them I am incorporating with Healing For The Soul. Which I am registered as a local business with South Dakota. I took my initial training in Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2018. Right now I am attending college at Hypnosis Motivation Institute out of California to further my education. By end of June 2019 I will have a diploma as a hypnotherapist. Current states that do regulate hypnotherapy: Colorado, Connecticut, Washington and California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Utah. Why do I mention states that do regulate hypnotherapy? To know the growing trend of the profession and I am honest with anyone who does ask about the laws for hypnosis and surrounding it. Hypnosis can help out in so many ways from issues such as lack of motivation, stop texting and driving to sleep deprivation to mood enhancement to taking tests or public speaking, etc. There are numerous myths surrounding hypnosis for what it is and isn’t. I have a website I have been educating people about as well as on my Facebook group and page.
Many are battling addictions, sleep issues, mental health issues, and much more. I truly feel for me this is Healing For The Soul, as I believe healing comes from within ourselves while we help others. Which leads to a better, more productive life. My business is Christian based as without God I wouldn’t be able to do this business or life. Which that is another myth that hypnosis is witchcraft or similar. It’s not mind control as I can’t make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do. Hypnosis allows you to have more control over your own life.
From the time we’re conceived in the womb to 8yrs old our subconscious is learning by associations and identifications. These can be good or bad associations from this time period based on our environment among other things. This subconscious makes up 88% of our total mind power which sets us up for success or failure in our adult life. Which is why this time period of conception to 8yrs old is critical in our lives even into adulthood. Between the ages of 8 and 12yrs old we develop logic and reason. This is our conscious mind and only represents 12% of our total mind power.
My goals with hypnosis is to debunk myths, educate and help others without having the fear of judgment from me using hypnosis. I have zero reason to judge those seeking help to be free from their issues. Health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of hypnotherapy. Most people need 6 or less sessions including the follow up ones to help with a single issue. Which I do have package discounts to help cut the costs.