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I am happy you’re here and ready to learn how hypnotherapy can enhance your life. It has helped me personally and continues to do so daily. I strongly believe in the mind, body and spirit connection method used in my practice.

There are over 145 hypnosis can help may help you. Healing has been a long process and using hypnosis to go directly to the root of the issue has helped tremendously. There are many ways to heal via surface for quick short term or the long term true healing. Everyone prefers the long term get to the root of the issue kind of healing. I know you do too. Find out more and let’s connect.

My Mission Statement:

Healing For The Soul is a holistic view of the mind, body, soul empowering others to become of the best version of themselves through various tools, and techniques while working together as a team to achieve this desired result for my clients.


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With the help of Robin, I am feeling better overall. I truly feel like the blocks in life I had are gone. I can do anything I put my mind to.

-Zoom client-MN


I saw Robin, for pain in my ribs as I waited to go in for xray results the next day. To find out I had suffered couple fractured ribs which made it painful to even breath. I truly didn’t think I was hypnotized until I noticed I could control my level of pain by moving my index finger. I am thankful she was there to help me when she did.

-SD client-

Less Pain

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