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Robin Stoltman, an intuitive mindset mentor, and certified hypnotherapist assists Christian parents in achieving their goals so they can overcome life’s challenges. After surviving multiple childhood traumas, a severe brain injury and then MN child protection stealing her 1st living son at 4 days old without any court orders or proof she left MN. Robin created Healing for the Soul, where people are healing and become a better version of themselves as soon as they realize their full potential, they have inside themselves simply by releasing negative emotions and anxiety related to life’s challenges. Robin, has earned her diploma in Hypnotherapy, has over 900 hours of education and experience including earning over 15 certifications related to the subconscious mind and behaviors in the hypnotherapy field, including earning a director’s award from the nation’s only accredited college of hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Her website blog, and Facebook page has over 700 subscribers combined. She has been featured nationally on Business Talk Radio 1 and locally on Keloland Living, Watertown Public Opinion, Greater Sioux Falls Chamber News. Robin is also statewide resource for mental health in South Dakota’s 211 resource Helpline. She has spoken about healing from within at 1 million cups in Minnesota & South Dakota.

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Robin Stoltman, C.Ht Featured on Business Talk Radio 1-Listen in at: Healing For The Soul Podcast
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